Camille Montano | The Home Project

What is home? The Home Project creates space for participants to think, discuss, and re-imagine home. The project gives contributors the opportunity to delve into the ideas of place, safety, and belonging in the city of Seattle through an interactive, participant-driven art-making activity. Through a series of public events and CAM (Common AREA Maintenance) studio open hours, participants will contribute to a community library of recorded conversations and cyanotype images surrounding the theme of home. The Home Project aims to contribute imagery and voice to the conversation on housing, displacement, and homelessness in Seattle.

Participants will be invited to create cyanotypes (one for them to take that day and one for the Home Project library) and partake in group and individual conversation (surrounding the theme of home in Seattle) to be recorded. Selected cyanotypes and quotes from participants will additionally be scanned and assembled into a zine which will serve as a reflection and documentation of the project. The final cyanotypes and recorded conversations will make up a multimedia installation at CAM.

Bio Camille is an artist and educator who just rode her bicycle from Westport, MA to Seattle, Washington where she lives now. Her work is an exploration of relationships to place, home, and the natural world. She works in photography, textiles, paint, and sound & video. She graduated with a BFA in Photography & Masters of Arts in Teaching from RISD.

Studio Open hrs at CAM Monday-Friday May 1st-24th
Opening reception June 1st 6:00pm – 11:00pm