common AREA maintenance is a gallery and open format generative studio designed to offer collaborative work and exhibition space in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood.

Started in 2015 with generous community support, CAM aimed to provide affordable studios to artists at a time when Seattle was undergoing rapid changes that threatened the landscape of art spaces in the city.

So we took up residence downtown in the ruins of an appliance repair shop and built a space where artists can incubate ideas and develop their practices among peers.

Now, we have dedicated member artists working on their practice daily and host regular programming and more than four public events a month.  

CAM members and Seattle artists are encouraged to curate shows and events which are always free to put on and free to attend. Sometimes, they result in karaoke parties.

We are a chimera, the creature of Greek myth composed of more than one animal. Part collective art studio, performance venue, wood shop, literary salon, installation, classroom, gallery, reading hall, community – we have as many iterations as we need to keep art thriving in Seattle.